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If you’re like, ahem, 90 percent of applicants to the Knight Arts Challenge Miami, you’re waiting until the last minute to submit your ideas for funding. So we thought you might enjoy a few extra tips on helping your application stand out before the March 4 deadline.

Here goes:

1) First the basics: Browse through our list of past winners. See what’s been funded and get a sense of what we’re looking for.
2) Think big: This isn’t the ‘I am going to play it safe’ contest. Throw us your crazy ideas. We just may fund them.
3) Remember the community: If you’re an individual artist seeking funding, remember the larger goal is to engage the community through the arts.  Don’t start your application with “I’d like to…” Look at your project through the frame of how it will make South Florida a better place to live and work.
4) Stick to the arts: The challenge is primarily an arts contest. If you work between the arts and social services and you’re struggling with the arts component, this contest might not be for you.
5) Use the project title to get our attention: The application is short. Use your 150 words to get reviewers to say “I want to go to that.”
6) Include partners that make sense: Partnerships for your project are great, but they have to add and strengthen your project goals.

If you’re hungry for your tips, check out the Miami New Times’ coverage of last week’s Community Q and A session at Cannonball in Downtown Miami.

Apply now and good luck!

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