"I Wish Your Wish," installation view New Museum, New York.

“Rivane Neuenschwander: A Day Like Any Other” is the big summer show opening at the Miami Art Museum, a Knight Arts grantee, this week (following the big summer show at Museum of Contemporary Art of Ryan Trecartin, posted previously). It is coming direct from the New Museum in New York and is the first mid-career survey of the Brazilian conceptualist.

The biggest elements here will be three interactive installations, which seem to be at the heart of the exhibition. One, called “Rain Rains,” involves numerous aluminum buckets. The ones hanging from the ceiling will drip water into buckets on the floor below them, emptying after four hours, after which the process beings again with the aid of helpers. In the colorful “I Wish Your Wish,” visitors will be encouraged to take one of the many ribbons attached to the walls with wishes written on them and tie them to their wrists. In return, they will write another wish and tack it back to the wall. There is clearly a theme of continuum here. “First Love” employs a police sketch artist, who will be sitting at a table and drawing portraits of a visitor’s first love. Those will then hang in the gallery for the rest of the exhibit.

"Rain Rains," installation view, New Museum.

But even her videos are interactive, involving “conversations” and influences from a variety of artists and everyday encounters (one interacts with a bar and its napkins). “A Day Like Any Other” covers work made throughout a decade and also includes photography and sculpture. And almost all continue with a recycling thread — motifs repeat with regularity, including mapping, measuring, trading and categorization. It should be a good fit with the Miami Art Museum.

“Rivane Neuenschwander: A Day Like Any Other” opens July 17 and will run through Oct. 16 at 101 W. Flagler St., downtown; 305-375-3000; www.miamiartmuseum.org.

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